Ovidia, (born 1966, Køge) is autodidact and has since 1988 expressed herself through her paintings, photographs and drawings.


In 1997, Ovidia began to act in artist circles and had her own gallery in Køge on Holmhøjgaard, as well as collaboration with several galleries in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.


Today she has her own Garage workshop in Vesterborg, Lolland, where she works with her paintings in the most beautiful surroundings.


Ovidia has passed the jury for various International art shows for example; the world's largest and finest art fair in New York.


Ovidia is a true artist who paints with his heartbreak, in transcended sense.

She loves natural materials that she incorporates and inspires in her impulsive and powerful paintings.

Ovidia's art is aesthetic, legendary and brave, like herself.

In her distinct, graphic world of black and white, there is room for the soft, creamy expression together with the glow of the earth colors.

Poetry lives in her pictures, sometimes with written words.


Ovidia is an eccentric soul that is determined by her mood in the present, which is crucial to the painting that day.


Informal and simple.










A tribute to Ovidia


Please pay attention,

to this daughter of silence,

who touches me so deep,

in a gentle way,

like a lovers touch...


Please pay attention,

to this mysterious lady,

who lets me see,

and lets me understand,

my inside pain...


Please pay attention,

to this magnificent artist,

who can open the door,

to your unknown world,

and realease eternity...